I share the same sentiment as others in that I’m usually disappointed by redesign case studies because they rarely take into consideration the business’s branding and design language, instead just designing something that looks pretty.

You did a fantastic job adhering to Apple’s design language, while addressing some real problems with the app. The update you made to the search functionality is a no-brainer — it should’ve been designed that way from the start. And the templates you created for playlists and genres are really solid, intentional branding decisions that Apple should absolutely consider. The inconsistencies in their designs for these is a hot mess right now. I also liked your idea for loving a song (double-tapping album art) because, honestly, I’ve already tried to do that many times, but nothing happens. They’ve created a delightful animation, making the album art grow when the song starts playing, so it seems like some interaction with the artwork should be possible.

This project just goes to show how valuable good UX research and testing is to designing great products. I certainly hope someone at Apple does come across this post and takes some of your designs to heart (they should hire you too … I think they need someone who’s such a great user advocate right now). I want to see some of these changes implemented!

Well done. 👏

Designer, writer, and photographer dwelling in Los Angeles.

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