This article is golden. And essential.

As a designer with a writing background, I see the value you illustrate in this article every day.

I agree it’s difficult to say exactly when a writer should be hired onto a project, but I’d personally argue that writing shouldn’t be relegated to finishing touches. It should be included as an integral part of the product from the start. Over time, I think more companies will understand this. It seems inevitable to me.

Like you said, it’s important to have writers who understand design methodology on the team. It’s also important to have designers who can write.

Even something as simple as a prototype can benefit from good writing, because when a prototype goes through user tests, users need to know how to interact with it. Dummy text like Lorem Ipsum doesn’t really help. Copy that’s crafted specifically for the experience the user is interacting with provides the context they need to reach the goal set by the test. I’ve seen the benefits of this first hand.

Thanks for this awesome article! It’s great to see people like you spreading the word on this topic so eloquently.

Designer, writer, and photographer dwelling in Los Angeles.

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